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Work Package # 10Identify Individuals At Risk

Lessons learned from Covid: Effective health communication in crises and beyond


The main objective of this task is to develop a framework for informed and need-based approaches for communication strategies based on criteria for effective health communication, drawn from the lessons learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic. This framework will support the population in dealing with crisis situation in a dialogue-oriented way and strengthening their competence for a gradual adjustment. This task has five subtasks.

Analysis of data on health communication during the COVID-19 pandemic

The activities of this subtask include: (i) Identification and gathering of relevant data sources on health communication during the pandemic; (ii) Evaluation of the effectiveness of existing communication strategies in different countries; (iii) Compilation of a report on best practices and challenges in health communication.

Assessment of data sources for capturing communication behaviour

The activities of this subtask include: (i) Examination of available data sources and technologies for capturing communication behaviour related to health information; (ii) Assessment of the accuracy, reliability, and relevance of various data sources; (iii) Development of criteria for selecting optimal data sources for analyzing communication behaviour.

Development of a framework for country-specific effective, risk-adjusted communication strategies

The activities of this subtask include: (i) Identification of key factors and risk characteristics associated with NCDs in different countries; (ii) Compilation of information for risk assessment and adaptation for the development of communication strategies; (iii) Creation of a flexible framework for adapting and implementing communication strategies considering specific country needs and risk factors.

Consultation and collaboration with expert panels and stakeholders

The activities of this subtask include: (i) Organization of workshops, discussions, or meetings with health experts, government representatives, and relevant stakeholders to gain insights and feedback on the developed strategies and findings; (ii) Incorporation of feedback and adjustments based on suggestions and insights obtained from these consultations.

Documentation and reporting

The activities of this subtask include: (i) Preparation of detailed reports on the methodology, results, and recommendations from the conducted analyses and developments; (ii) Submission of reports to the Steering Committee of the JA-Prevent NCD and other relevant bodies for review and approval of the developed communication strategies.