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Work Package # 9Health in all Policies

Strengthened implementation of Health-in-All-Policies (HiAP) at the various levels of governance to prevent cancer and other NCDs.


The aim of this task is to strengthen HiAP implementation at EU, national and subnational levels by updating understanding of current HiAP implementation and providing recommendations for the strengthening of HiAP implementation on various levels of governance. Lessons learned in various countries will be analyzed and compiled.

HiAP Implementation at national and EU levels

This subtask will explore national frameworks, structures, processes, actors and resources for HiAP. The national level legal and structural framework as well as processes and tools for HiAP will be analyzed from legal and policy documents and other reports in all participating countries. 

HiAP implementation at subnational levels

Case studies in 6 countries explore implementation of HiAP at subnational levels, with emphases in various reforms in the participating countries affecting implementation, such as changes in governance, public health legislation and health service provision.