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Work Package # 9Health in all Policies

Health enhancing environments - emphases on nutrition and physical activity


The aim of task is i) to analyze major policies, such as agricultural, environmental and urban planning, for their current impacts as well as potential capacities to promote or hinder health and health equity, especially as regards improved nutrition and enhanced physical activity for all; ii) explore commercial determinants of nutrition policies, iii) to foster improved monitoring of intersectoral policies for improved nutrition and enhanced physical activity for all by comparing the use of existing intersectoral indicators and arriving on a suggestion for a realistic set of indicators for everybody to use will be suggested.

Health and health equity impacts of policies – emphasis on nutrition and physical activity

Strengthen the use of existing process indicators for policies on improved sustainable nutrition

A review of the use existing process indicators for healthy sustainable food systems (based on Food EPI) will be conducted including identified challenges in their use and possibly arriving at a simpler set of indicators. Reporting the use of Food-EPI nationally and plan for the way forward. 

Review the implementation of policies for enhancing healthy nutrition and physical activity for all

Review the state of implementation of policies for healthy nutrition and recommend comprehensive policies for healthy sustainable food systems for all. Policies for physical activity enhancing environments are reviewed. Review of the implementation of the comprehensive intersectoral national plans for enhancing physical activity in several  countries be conducted.