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Work Package # 7Social Inequalities

Strengthening health literacy to reduce inequalities in cancer and other NCDs.


This task aims to improve health literacy, as an enabling factor to counteract health inequities in cancer and other NCDs, through: (i) the collection of data from national health literacy surveys to help identify difficulties faced by the general population, minorities and key populations; (ii) identifying evidence on individual and organizational health literacy (OHL) such as a collection of promising measures in EU countries, based on available literature;; (iii) selecting and promoting tools to promote digital health literacy and OHL in primary health care settings and hospitals helping people to better navigate across the health system; (iv) developing a comprehensive mental health literacy scale in order to inform mental health promotion in the community setting: (v) supporting pilot actions to strengthen health literacy at population, societal and organizational level.

Data and evidence for strengthening health literacy in the general population and in key populations

Promoting individuals' digital health literacy, digital skills and ability to use digital health services to prevent Cancer and NCDs

Improving digital health literacy (DHL) from a system and organizational perspective

Tools and evidence for promoting Organizational Health Literacy (OHL)

Data and evidence for strengthening health literacy in national ethnic minorities and immigrant populations to prevent Cancer and NCDs

Developing a Comprehensive Mental Health Literacy Scale

Coordination, communication, and establishment of a joint European Health Literacy Arena