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Work Package # 6Healthy living environment

Increasing availability of healthy products and facilities


The main objectives of this task is to Increase the availability of healthy options and physical activity facilities by mobilising actions on the determinants of health through the political commitment by intersectoral policies and the participation of the community at local level promoting the social cohesion to co-creating actions for healthy living environments with equity perspective.

Specific objectives

The specific objectives of this task are the following:

  • Increase the social cohesion of the community increasing the sense of belonging and inclusion, participate actively in public affairs, recognise and tolerate differences, and enjoy relative equity in access to public goods and services and wealth by co-creating the pilot project with the different stake holders  
  • Support local authorities to facilitate and enable local partnerships on the wider determinants of health increasing access of healthy products and environments including healthy food, Physical activities facilities 
  • Reduce the availability of alcohol in all settings 
  • Reduce health inequalities by act with major intensity in the most vulnerable settings.
  • Implement healthy leisure time linking physical activity, sports and cultural activities mainly in adolescences through educational environments or in the communities
  • Implement local policies to contribute to the consumer opting for the healthier choice.