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Work Package # 5Regulation and taxation

Policy monitoring tools for MSs policy efforts targeting NCDs and cancer prevention


Task 5.8 is designed to develop policy monitoring tools for Member States, aimed at assessing policy efforts targeting NCDs and cancer prevention. This task includes two sub-tasks: the first sub-task focuses on reviewing existing policy monitoring tools and databases, while the second explores the potential of using these databases as evaluation tools. Together, these sub-tasks work towards establishing a comprehensive framework for monitoring and evaluating the impact of policies on NCD and cancer prevention efforts across the EU.

Review existing policy monitoring tools and databases

This subtask aims to identify existing databases of implemented policies across member states on the common risk factors for cancer and NCDs, focusing on structural polices.

Exploring the potential for using policy data bases as an evaluation tool

This subtask aims to explore requirements for structure and content of policy databases to be used as a potential resource for policy evaluation.