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Work Package # 2Dissemination and communication

Stakeholder analysis


Identifying and mapping key stakeholders and their needs in collaboration with WP1, WP4 and all technical work packages. The stakeholder analysis will map and identify group and target stakeholders that can benefit from or contribute to the JA at all levels in all participating countries. The task will include preparation and distribution of a survey to participating countries in the JA. Both quantitative and qualitative data will be collected. The results of the survey will be used to divide stakeholders into specific groups based on background and objectives and will be used in the dissemination and communication strategy work. The mapping exercise will build on other prior and ongoing EU projects; i.e. Best ReMaP, STOP, CO-CREATE, CHRODIS PLUS. A stakeholders-board will be established, thus bringing added value to the JA by providing assessment of the project including recommendations for activities that should be undertaken to maximize the potential of the project results. Members of the board will be chosen throughout the stakeholder analysis process. To ensure that GDPR rules are fully followed throughout the process, a legal expert is involved.