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Work Package # 2Dissemination and communication

Publication board and publication guidelines


In order to streamline the dissemination process and ensure the integrity and effectiveness of our publications, this task has been divided into two distinct subtasks: the establishment of a Publication Board and the formulation of publication guidelines. These components are designed to work in tandem to oversee and guide the publication process, from conception to distribution, ensuring that our outputs not only meet the highest standards of quality but also adhere to our overarching goals and agreements.

Publication Board

The role of the Publication Board is to advise on the suitability of publication plans and have final editorial responsibility to approve submission to a journal or a conference, etc. In addition, the board will coordinate activities between different publications, to avoid duplicity or overlapping presentations/publications. A list of the main articles as a result of the creation and evaluation of the JA will be planned. The Publication Board will be chaired by the Scientific Coordinator and the DOHI will be involved in the workflow of the JA publications, as WP2 leader, by receiving proposals from authors, distributing to the publication board, and ensuring that the procedures are followed.  

Publication guidelines

The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure that persons who contribute concept ideas and concrete work within the JA are appropriately included as authors or acknowledged as contributors in any of our dissemination materials, as well as products included under the Intellectual Property Rights. It is designed to ensure compliance with the dissemination-related terms of the JA Consortium Agreement and Grant Agreement and to guide the dissemination timing, taking into account relevant partner experience and preferences.