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Wellbeing Economy Forum in Reykjavik, Iceland

Linda Aims

JA PreventNCD's Project Coordinator Linda Granlund presenting

A successful Wellbeing Economy Forum in Reykjavík, Iceland

Last week, the Wellbeing Economy Forum brought together thought leaders, policymakers, and public health professionals from around the globe to discuss and promote the concept of Wellbeing Economy. This annual event aims to create a platform for knowledge-sharing, fostering dialogue, and advocating for investments in initiatives that enhance wellbeing and economic stability. The forum featured a diverse range of presentations, workshops, and panel discussions, all focused on developing strategies to create healthier, more equitable communities. 

Linda Granlund, the Director General of Division of Prevention and Public Health in the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the Coordinator of the JA PreventNCD project presented at the forum. Granlund's presentation provided a compelling vision for the future of public health and the role of the Wellbeing Economy in shaping healthier communities.  

Her remarks underscored the value of creating a collaborative environment where knowledge and experiences can be shared, thereby driving forward initiatives that contribute to a Wellbeing Economy. This approach, she argued, is essential for fostering healthier and more equitable communities. 

"In the JA PreventNCD we believe that the concept of Wellbeing Economy can be used successfully to guide decision-making and inform budgetary processes. This can contribute to healthier and more equitable communities, which again will result in reduced prevalence of cancer and NCDs," Granlund noted. She highlighted that while some countries have already begun exploring and defining the Wellbeing Economy, there is still much work to be done, particularly within the EU member states, to understand and implement this concept fully. 

Overall, the Wellbeing Economy Forum was a successful event that facilitated meaningful dialogue and fostered a collaborative spirit among participants. The discussions and presentations highlighted the importance of a Wellbeing Economy in creating healthier and more equitable societies. The forum set a high standard for future events and will undoubtedly inspire continued efforts and investments in this crucial area. 

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Participants in JA PreventNCD attending the Wellbeing Economy Forum